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Doug the Plumber has been working in the plumbing and gas fitting business for 40 years. Wood frame apartments, concrete high rises, single family dwellings, restaurants and sundry commercial buildings. Our favourite part of the job is the people we meet and the satisfaction of a job well done. We are evaluated by our clients’ standards and our own. We’ll fix the drip you’re living with.

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Doug Peters

Doug Peters


Hi, I’m Doug Peters, also known as Doug The Plumber. I was raised in Burnaby, finished high school and joined the labour force. I started my plumbing career 40 years ago. We worked on residential wood frame apartments, concrete high rises and many commercial projects in the lower mainland. 

In my twenties I spent 5 years in Toronto; Ontario; on even taller high rises and commercial construction jobs. In the 90’s I moved back to North Vancouver, British Columbia and worked mostly residential, some palatial, in West Van, Lions Bay, Deep Cove and Whistler. For over 20 years I have enjoyed the Vancouver Island lifestyle in the Comox Valley. 

I get a lot of satisfaction from working for a living. I enjoy a job well done by myself or my employees.  We do renovations, additions, new gas and plumbing and gas service work both residential and commercial. The opportunities to engage with people and problem solve challenges are many.  I have found like-minded employees who are honest, hardworking and pleasant to be around.

My hobbies list is rather long. I got into skiing in my tiny teens.  Downhill and cross country. My father was an avid hiker, hunter,  and backcountry skier. His love for the outdoors definitely rubbed off on me. Biking,  walking, soccer, kiteboarding, sailing, water skiing, hiking, camping, music and brewpubs, to name a few.

Once living in the Comox Valley, a good friend introduced me to the Adaptive Snow Sports program on Mt. Washington.  I taught skiing as a volunteer for 15 years. We specialized in instructing folks with a wide range of physical and or special needs challenges. Kudos to Mt. Washington for financially supporting Adaptive Snow Sports so well for so long.  That was a great opportunity for me to introduce my children to skiing and snowboarding, something we all still love.

There are many volunteers in the Comox Valley who support the myriad of programs and societies here. I believe it contributes a great deal to the vibrancy of our community and the sense of support.  People are way friendlier here than in many of the places I have lived. If I were to choose a path over again I would have skipped the Ontario weather and poor downhill skiing and moved straight to the Comox Valley.
It is my intention to provide plumbing and gas work, professionally done, at a reasonable cost to my customers. Also, to see that my employees enjoy a decent wage to support their families and lifestyles.
Many long-time contractors, home and business owners continue to utilize our services year after year. Please check out the testimonials on my website from some of them. I work side by side with a number of tradesmen and contractors who I am happy to recommend.
Andrea Boyd

Andrea Boyd


I was born in Victoria, BC and grew up on Saltspring Island. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1992, I moved back to Victoria in order to attend a pre-apprenticeship program at Camosun College. There I gained a variety of skills and information, a huge help to starting a career as a tradesperson. 

I was thrilled to be hired on as an apprentice right away with M & R Plumbing and Heating,  a small father- son business in Victoria. I’m very thankful to those gentlemen for an excellent start, I learned so much from Morgan and Ron in those first years as a plumber’s apprentice!

After moving to the Comox Valley, I took a break from plumbing for a number of years to raise babies, and during that time I founded Elemental Organics, a green box service promoting sustainable agriculture and delivering organic produce to homes on the upper island.

When my youngest entered grade one, I felt ready to get back on the tools… hilariously my first cold call was to Doug the Plumber, who hired me on the spot! There I was able to complete my apprenticeship training and gain lots of experience… I’ve learned so much during my time with Doug the Plumber, and very much enjoy living and working here in the Comox Valley!


Doug and his crew have taken care of our plumbing needs for the past twenty years. Whether it was repairs or new installations, the work had been done to our fullest satisfaction in a timely and clean manner. On top of that it was great to have him and his crew around. There was never any swearing or tension, communication was friendly and to the point, the work had a flow, the process had its beauty and the results were convincing.

We will always turn to Doug with any kind of plumbing issue and we can recommend him wholeheartedly.

Barb Fehlau and Roland Guenther

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